Here in an extraordinary workshop, lies a peaceful (if diminutive) gallery, and on the mezzanine a wildly untidy studio.
Chapel Gallery, Brook Street, Cuckfield, W. Sussex
The current home of "picturesque", the well established gallery & framers originally located in Haywards Heath, The Chapel Gallery is now run by Tessa Land-Smith, an artist, illustrator, writer and sculptor, or as she calls herself ,"Artificer."
The chapel gallery : a tin hut in a field.
The gallery dedicates itself to one exhibition each year, with a particular artist or theme. When there is no resident exhibition, there is a varied selection of prints, originals, and "unusual" framing. These are the speciality of Picturesque. it is essentially a method of framing treasures and memorabilia, items that should be displayed rather than be tucked away in a drawer. baby clothes, ballet shoes, perfume bottles, embroidery, exotic underwear (yes, really!) cricket bats, ties, medals… and once, an axe from the "braveheart" film.